Histoire de l’Automobile à l’ATCL

ATCL - Rallye History


The ATCL organized its first Hill Climb race.


The ATCL organized the Hill Climb of Rabiyeh – Ain Aar with the honored participation of His highness the King Hussein of Jordan who won the race.


The first “Rally of Lebanon” formerly known as “Marlboro Rallye de Montagne” goes back to 1968, a year rich with activities and races organised by the Automobile Touring Club of Lebanon (A.T.C.L.), a club that was internationally known by then. 1,000 Km of Lebanese roads and 57 cars among which 14 international drivers characterised the start of Lebanese Rallies history.

ATCL - Rallye des Cedres 1971

Rally des Cedres 1971
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A large international participation of well-known drivers characterised the race.

The ATCL organized its first Karting race.


The Marlboro Rallye de Montagne was considered a round of the Cyprus national rallies championship and was likely to become a round of the FIA Middle East Rally Championship in the near future.


The Marlboro Rallye de Montagne became a round of the FIA Middle East Rally Championship giving back to Lebanon its leading role in motor sports, with the participation of 69 teams from Lebanon, UAE, Cyprus, France, Sweden and Britain. Arab and international drivers were at the Start ramp promising Rally fans a spectacular race.


Big impact of the Marlboro Rallye de Montagne with the strong participation of Arab and international champions.


74 cars entered the Marlboro Rallye de Montagne.

The ATCL organized its first 4×4 race.


The Marlboro Rallye de Montagne became the Marlboro Rallye du Liban which was renamed the Marlboro Rally of Lebanon in the year 2000. That year, and after several years of persistence, the Marlboro Rally of Lebanon took the next step towards the W.R.C. (World Rally Championship) and got its Candidacy to it.


The ATCL organized its first Speed Test race.

Throughout the years, the organisers have kept in high standards the organisation and planning of the Rally but we have also to be proud of the results achieved by our Lebanese Competitors and their contribution to motor sports.

Since 1968, it has been an exciting journey for both, organisers and drivers. Well known names in rallies such as M. Bin Sulayem as well as his co-patriots Sheikh. A. Al-Qassimi and Sheikh Kh. Al-Qassimi (UAE), A. Bakhashab (Saudi Arabia), H. Al Soueidi and N. Al Attiyah ( Qatar), M. Al Sarraf (Kuweit), N. Al Shanfari (Oman), A. Farrah, A. Najjar , F. Bustami (Jordan), M. Hamsho (Syria). Renowned drivers from Europe came to take part in this high standard rally such as S. Munari, A. Fiorio and P. Liatti (Italy), A. Schwarz (Germany), P. Solberg & Burger Gunderson ( Norway), P. C. Baroni, F. Schmitt (France) Markko Martin (Estonia), A. Tsouloftas (Cyprus).

Not to forget the yearly VIPs guest who came to attend this Rally such as : Tommy Makkinen, Juha Kankunnen (Finland), Didier Auriol, François Delecour (France).