Candidat 2013

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1. Imad Lahoud


Since the creation of ATCL back in 1914 and on its first article it is mentioned that its goal is to promote motor sports and tourism in Lebanon.

My duty as an ATCL member is to fulfill this mission and to keep my club seamlessly harmless of any future government related interventions regarding this matter.
Being a member of the CSN for the past 14 years and also member of the executive bureau for the past 2 years, my goal is to keep the highest level that Lebanon achieved through ATCL.

 It is noted that as per the FIA evaluations, ATCL representing Lebanon has been awarded the highest score in the Middle East, organizing the Rally of Lebanon as a round of the Middle East rally championship.

 As from financial side, I am willing to propose a plan that has been carefully studied with a qualified team, to achieve the followings:

-         Reduce the cost of the membership fees up to 25% less than the actual one.
-         Generate extra income to the club up to 500,000 $/year.

This result can be achieved without adding any extra charges on the member or adding the number of visitors or memberships.