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ATCL - Rallye
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Supplementary Regulations1JRSRv3.pdf
Overall Check List2017JROVCL.pdf
Entry Form2017JREFOMT.pdf
Promotion Classification Form2017JRPCF.pdf
Reconnaissance Form2017JRRF.pdf
Camera Request2017JRCAM.pdf
Fuel Purchase Form2017JRFuel.pdf
Entry List2017JREL.pdf
Bulletin 12017JRB1A.pdf
Communication #12017JRCom.pdf
Promotion List2017JRPromo.pdf
Start List2017JRSL.pdf
Bulletin 22017JRB2.pdf

A Rally is a road event with an imposed average speed, which is run entirely or partly on roads open to normal traffic, with Special Stages that are timed speed test on closed roads.

A rally consists of an Itinerary, which must be followed by all cars.

The route may include one or several Special Stages, as well as Road Sections. A combination of sections run in one day is called a Day.

A Special Stage is a timed speed test on roads closed for the rally.