Motor Sports: Calendar

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ASN Motor Sports Events Calendar
Feb. 25Rotax Max 1st Round
Feb. 26X30 Karting 1st Round
Mar. 18Rotax Max 2nd Round
Apr. 1,233rd Spring Rally
Apr. 8Rotax Max 3rd Round
Apr. 22X30 Karting 2nd Round
Apr. 29Rotax Max 4th Round
Apr. 301st Speed test Amateur/Superseries
May 13Rotax Max 5th Round
May 14X30 Karting 3rd Round
May 27, 282nd Speed test + 1st Drift
June 3,46th Jezzine Rally
June 11Hill Climb - 1st Event
June 252nd Drift
Jul. 1Rotax Max 6th Round
Jul. 8,926th Cedar's Rally
Jul. 15Rotax Max 7th Round
Jul. 16Hill Climb - 2nd Event
Jul. 223rd Speed test
Jul. 233rd Drift
Jul. 29X30 Karting 4th Round
Jul. 304x4 1st Event
Aug. 6Hill Climb - 3rd Event
Aug. 124th Drift
Aug. 134th Speed Test
Sep. 1,2,340th Rally of Lebanon - ME Rally Championship
Sep. 9X30 Karting 5th Round
Sep. 16Rotax Max 8th Round
Sep. 175th Speed Test
Sep. 23X30 Karting 6th Round
Oct. 15th Drift
Oct. 154x4 2nd Event
Nov. 54x4 3rd Event